Support. Redefined.

Above all, we want our customers to get the most out of ArtVault Pro. That’s why we offer a help library with more than 300 topics, PDF manuals, and an FAQ section on our website. If you require further assistance, our support representatives are ready to help; you can even book a private training session for hands-on tutoring. What's more, we don't charge monthly maintenance fees. Pay for support only when you need it.

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Integrated Support System
Build your own help library

ArtVault Pro’s integrated support system centralizes all support communication in one convenient place. All ArtVault Pro users at your company or institution share the support account, allowing everyone to benefit from each other’s requests. In addition, the system stores a history of all requests and responses, allowing you to build a library of knowledge based on your specific usage of the program. Other features include: the ability to schedule remote training sessions, report bugs, or suggest enhancements to the software.

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No monthly maintenance fees

Unlike our competition, there are no monthly maintenance fees to use ArtVault Pro. Instead, we offer a low-cost, per-instance support model. Pay for support only when you actually need it. Credit can be purchased conveniently in our online store and is automatically added to your support account. Each instance is billed at CHF 45.- (flat rate). If you prefer to have unlimited support credit, we offer a plan which is billed annually.
Private Training
Hands-on training no matter where you live

ArtVault Software offers private training sessions using screen-sharing technology. You can either share your screen with our ArtVault expert and get "hands-on" help, or work on the expert's computer screen without revealing any of your information. Use the time to get installation help, be shown around, or ask specific questions. Private training can be scheduled through ArtVault Pro's integrated support system anytime.
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How exactly does it work?
1. Purchase ArtVault Pro

With your purchase, CHF 450.- support credit is included.
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2. Open Support System

All support is handled by ArtVault Pro's Integrated Support System
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5. Purchase Credit

Purchase more credit in our online store if your balance gets low.
4. Check your Balance

See an up-to-date balance anytime.
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3. Request Support

Open new support requests, or schedule remote support.
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Pricing: Each Support Instance is billed at CHF 45.-, Private Training at CHF 85.-/hour.

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Help Content
300+ help topics and videos at your fingertips

ArtVault Pro’s help library contains over 300 topics with detailed descriptions and over 200 corresponding videos. Just click on the question mark at the top of the screen and you will be presented with help content relevant to the section you're currently working in.
Automatic Updates
Benefit from the latest enhancements

ArtVault Pro features an automatic update mechanism rarely seen in database applications. It allows us to distribute maintenance updates and smaller enhancements on a regular basis to all of our clients. The availability of an update is shown on the home screen of ArtVault Pro. With just one click all of your data is imported and updated to work perfectly in the latest version. In fact, you can keep working right where you left off.
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