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We are certain that ArtVault Pro is truly intuitive and easy to use. Just ask the 76 year old mother of one of our clients who's inputting large amounts of data and loves working with the program. We therefore claim: if you can send email, you can use our program. Edit Mode, Quick Find, Filters, Drag & Drop, Automatic Image Resizing - discover unique features which make working with ArtVault Pro a true pleasure.

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Home Screen
Meet your personal assistant

Upon opening ArtVault Pro you’re greeted by a personal Home Screen. Here you can view database statistics, leave notes, create a backup, and view recent changes made. You also have access to our innovation Task Manager. A task can be created anywhere in the database and will be added to your home screen’s task list where you can manage its priority and monitor its completion. In addition, the home screen informs you when a software update is available or when you have a new message from the support system.
Edit Mode
No more accidental changes

Thanks to edit mode, you can view your collection safely without worrying about accidental changes. Click on the lock icon to enter edit mode and all editable fields will be highlighted in green. Once Edit Mode is active you can jump anywhere in the database and update information. When done, just click on the lock again and the fields are once more safe from changes.
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Quick Find
Information in a heartbeat

ArtVault Pro changes the way you search your entire collection. Type a keyword into the search field, hit enter, and the result is instantly presented to you. Quick Find even saves your recent searches. What’s more, they are saved separately for each user account, offering a personal search history right at your fingertips.
Efficiency you have to experience to believe

Using filters you can instantly compile a list of specific records based on certain criteria. You can even apply multiple filters at the same time, which eliminates the need for a complex and time-consuming search. Take it further and combine Filters with Quick Find to get more refined results in seconds.
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Customizable Fields
We know your collection is unique

Buying a customized database can become very costly, but how can something on the market account for your specific needs? To fill this gap, we’ve provided numerous customizable fields with customizable labels to store information pertinent to you and your collection. These fields can also be used on reports and printouts, making your database incredibly flexible and highly adaptable.
Editable Drop-Downs
Take control, edit your menus

Drop-down menus allow for fast and consistent entries, but they don't always contain the choices you need. Luckily we came up with an effective solution - drop down menus with editable value lists to match the needs of your collection. These value lists are stored in one central location and can be edited as plain text. Add an entry and it instantly becomes available throughout the database.
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Automatic Image Resizing
Unlimited image upload, uncompromised performance

Upload an unlimited number of images without worrying that your database will become slow. Each image is automatically resized for various purposes such as thumbnail, email, slideshow, and print. For larger images, which might be used for prints and reproductions, you can point ArtVault Pro to the original high-resolution images archived on your computer's hard drive and access them conveniently from within the database.
Advanced Search
Perform the most complex searches

In contrast to Quick Find, Advanced Search is a field based search tool. You can search for information in one or a combination of specific fields, producing a more narrow search result. In addition, you can use an array of symbols to make your query more specific or more flexible. For example, it allows you to find a date range, an exact phrase, duplicate values, empty fields, and much more.
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Live Print Previews
Save time, toner, and trees

With 40 reports at your fingertips you can be sure to get anything you need on paper, whether it's a list of key contacts, this month's expenses, a location report for your artwork, a shipment detail complete with release and return locations, or a list of upcoming exhibitions. All printouts are customizable (see Customizable Reports), and feature a live print preview which shows exactly what the report will look like. You can also save it as a PDF to print later.
Customizable Reports
Reports just the way you like them

ArtVault Pro offers professionally designed reports which are also highly customizable. Reports such as Artwork Detail, Portfolio, Purchase Detail, and many others have up to seven fields of your choice. Many of the list printouts are 100% customizable, meaning you can choose the content for each and every column. When making changes to a report you see the results instantly thanks to the Live Print Preview function (see above). For added convenience, it even stores your latest selections for each printout.
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Slide Show
It's OK to show off

View your collection anytime as a beautiful image slideshow. The slideshow-mode includes semi-transparent controls, which can be hidden or shown, full-screen mode, and the ability to change the duration between slides. Want to show off specific pieces? Use our efficient search and sort functionality to quickly assemble a list of artworks or images for your presentation.
Import - Export Friendly
Built to Exchange

Feel free to import and export anything, anytime to and from a variety of other applications. For example, you can save reports as PDF files, export contacts to a tab-separated text file to later import into Apple's Address Book, or take a sorted list of Expenses including sub-totals into an Excel spreadsheet. ArtVault Pro ties into FileMaker's native import functionality. This means you can import data from Excel (both .xls and .xlsx), Comma-Separated Text, Tab-Separated Text, XML, OBDC, Merge files, dBase files, and even Bento databases.
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Multiple User Accounts
Two levels of access - unlimited accounts

ArtVault Pro allows you to create an unlimited number of user accounts with two levels of access: Guest and Full Access (administrator). Guest accounts can only view the data (export and print also disabled), while Full Access accounts can make any changes at any time. Each user has his/her own personalized Home Screen with recent changes, task list, sticky note, as well as his/her own search history throughout the entire database. If you're the administrator, you'll appreciate the change log available for each record, which stores not only information on what was changed when, but also who changed it, with the user's account name logged (see Change Tracking below).
Change Tracking
Recall anything, anytime

ArtVault logs all changes made to each and every record in the database including who made it, when, and the before and after content of each field that was changed. Change tracking not only helps you see what content other users of the database changed, but can also help you remember your own actions. Need to know the address of someone before they moved and you updated their record? Find the answer in the Change Log.
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Column Sorting
Your data from A to Z...and Z to A

If you have hundreds of records in a list, it takes time to scroll from top to bottom just to view the records you need. This is where the column-sorting feature of ArtVault Pro saves you precious time. Every category offers a list view in which you can easily sort the records alphabetically in either direction. This sorting is remembered for each list view individually. In fact, it even remains active when performing searches, applying filters, or navigating to a different part of the database.
Flag it now. Follow up later.

Sometimes you need to specify a few records to follow up on later. Flagging is an easy way to mark any record for future reference. Once flagged, you can use the sorting functionality in list view to show all flagged ones on top of the list or apply the "Flagged" filter to quickly reduce the listing to only showing flagged records.
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One Step Backup
Safety first.

Unsure how to back up your data? No worries; it takes only one click to create a backup copy of your entire virtual collection. A copy of the Art Vault Data file is renamed to carry the current date and time stamp and automatically placed in the Backups folder within the ArtVault Pro main folder. We recommend you copy this folder to an external disk on a regular basis for additional safety.
Multi Currency Support
Truly International

On any transaction you can specify the currency and exchange rate, regardless if it’s a purchase, sale, or just an expense you're adding to an artwork. Receiving or making payments in multiple currencies? No worries, ArtVault Pro can handle it all. Currency support is available on Purchases, Offers, Sales, Consignments, Expenses, and Invoices. Other business features include options for commission, sales tax, as well as loans and sales between third parties.
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Drag & Drop
The ultimate time saver

Simply drag & drop an image file into an artwork record and ArtVault Pro will automatically resize the image, create an image record, and link it to the artwork. This time-saving feature is available not only for image files, but any other kind of document that can be stored in ArtVault Pro such as receipts, valuations, insurance documents, and etc.
Report Templates
Unlimited Combinations

ArtVault Pro comes with more than 40 customizable reports for various purposes. Each report is professionally designed but allows you to choose which information appears. In addition, you can store an unlimited number of templates for each report and recall them with just one click. Since these templates store the fields to be used, the resulting printouts are always current with the latest information entered into ArtVault Pro.
Default Content

New record creation is possible even faster thanks to default content options. For example, if you're adding many artworks by the same artist, or collaborating with the same dealer, broker, or insurance company, you can specify this information in the Settings tab of ArtVault Pro and the information automatically populates newly created records. Default content is available for select fields in Artworks, Appraisals, Images, Offers, Sales, Consignments, Exhibitions, General Loans, and Shipments. Content can be chosen from convenient drop-down menus, is shared across all user accounts, and can be temporarily disabled for each module individually by using the "on/off" switch.
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Flex Window

ArtVault Pro allows you to resize the main window thanks to a technology called FlexWindow. This technique allows for taking advantage of larger screens, while still retaining the possibility to run ArtVault Pro "as-is" on Apple's full size iPad. Making the window larger does not magnify the content (such as in iPhoto), but reveals more of it. For example, if the window is enlarged in a vertical direction while in artwork list view, you can see more artwork records without having to scroll.
Barcode Labels

Barcodes are an incredible tool when managing larger collections. With ArtVault Pro you can print barcode labels for your artworks, frames, crates, or other archival materials. Choose between generating a barcode based on the database's record ids or your own inventory numbers. Easily locate artworks in your storage facility by scanning the barcode into the search field. ArtVault Pro will execute a search and instantly display the work scanned in your virtual collection.
Sorting Options

Sorting options give you control over how the records are sorted when you first open ArtVault Pro. Pick any of the fields visible in a list view from a convenient drop-down menu and use the switch on the right to specify the sort order to be ascending or descending. Of course the sort order specified here is only a starting point, when working with lists in ArtVault Pro the sort order can be changed anytime by simply clicking on column headers.
Sorting Options
ArtVault Pro helps you manage co-ownership for your artworks. Add one or more co-owners, enter the percentage owned by each, and ArtVault Pro will automatically calculate your personal purchase cost, and potential based on the artwork's value.
In addition to keeping track of current exhibitions, loans, and sales of your artworks, ArtVault Pro offers a space for recording the ownership history of a work of art. Create individual provenance entries with dates, owner information, whether the artwork was accessible to the public, and enrich it with notes of your own.
Framing and Storage
Enter intricate information about storage, framing, and crates for the artwork. Specify the type of frame, glass, molding, mounting, and even the dimensions and cost of the frame. Take notes on the condition of the crate, keep track of the cost, or leave special care and handling instructions. Thanks to the report templates, you can setup an entire report with just this kind of information.
Thanks to color-coded status information, you always know exactly what's happening with each and every piece of your collection.
Artwork Status
Flexible Creation Date
A standard date field in a database always forces the user to enter DDMMYY. The field that stores the artwork's creation date however, needs to be flexible as it is not always known exactly when an artwork was created. Unfortunately, by using a Text field for free-form entry the possibility to properly sort by date is lost. This is why ArtVault Pro employs two fields: a text field into which you can enter the creation date in any way, shape, or form you like and a number field which automatically extracts the year and allows artworks to be sorted by creation year.
Business Contacts
You can keep track of key business contacts such as the dealer, broker, or the sales person right on the artwork record itself. Simply link appropriate individuals or institutions to the artwork from the contacts module of ArtVault Pro. You can then jump to the full detail of a contact with just one click and see which other artworks they are involved in.
Unlimited Documents
Store any number of documents on each an every Artwork record, such as authentication documents, insurance policies, condition reports, etc. Whether the electronic file is a Word document or PDF, you can open it right from within ArtVault Pro or sent it as an email attachment.
Shipping Weight
ArtVault Pro allows you to enter not only the weight of the artwork itself, but also the weight of the frame and shipping crate. From these values the total shipping weight is automatically calculated. Alongside with detailed dimensions of all these items, this is no doubt a great time saver when requesting quotes from shipping companies.
Primary Contact Method
ArtVault Pro allows for storing up to three addresses for each contact: "Private", "Other", and "Primary Institution", which is selectable from any linked institution records. But with so much choice, which address winds up on printouts? In ArtVault Pro you can set one of these addresses to be the primary contact method for the contact. When printing address lists, labels, etc. select the option to use the "Primary Contact Method" and ArtVault pro will compile a list based on your individual address preferences for each and every contact in your database, thus eliminating the need to perform complex searches and print multiple lists with different address types.
Primary Institution
Link Images
Link images to individuals as well as institutional contact records. Do you have a portrait of one of the artists? Store it in ArtVault's central image archive and link it to the contact record. Central storage of images allows you to link an image to multiple items throughout the database without having to upload it twice.
Expansive Contact Types
Contact Types are a great way to categorize your contacts. Powerful search and filter functions allow you to quickly find individuals and institutions based on their assigned categories. In ArtVault Pro the selection of available contact types is expansive. Multiple selections per contact are also possible. Should a contact type you need not be listed, you can use one of the available customizable fields to add additional keywords to the records.
International Address Support
ArtVault Pro formats the addresses on reports in accordance with the country. If the address is located in the US, the ZIP code follows the city and state. If the address is located outside of the US, the ZIP code precedes the city. This formula also detects any missing lines and automatically formats the address accordingly.
Pre-Formatted Address Labels
You don’t have to assemble each line of the address to print labels. Simply choose "Address Private", " Address Other", "Address Primary Institution", or "Primary Contact Method" and ArtVault Pro will generate already formatted addresses for you.
Business at a glance
You can see all related purchases, offers, sales and invoices right on the contact's detail page. For example, the entire sales history for a given contact is visible, complete with information on the payment status for each entry. If you need full details on the sale (or any other linked item), just double-click on it to jump to its detail page in the transaction module of ArtVault Pro.
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Home Record
The home record indicates your own contact information. It can be entered on the Settings tab of ArtVault Pro and links to a a contact record marked with the house icon. You can choose either an individual or institution as your home record. This is especially useful for foundations, museums and galleries.
Home Contact
Business between third Parties
Consignments, Offers, and Sales can be administered between third parties. This means that you (the owner of the collection) don’t need to be the Consignor, Offerer, or Seller. Depending on the business arrangement, any contact record stored in ArtVault Pro can be used for these roles, as well as Consignee, Offerer, Prospect, and Purchaser.
Multiple Artworks on Purchase
Just as with Offers, Sales, and Loans, ArtVault Pro can manage multiple artworks on one purchase record. If you bought multiple works for your collection from the same seller, you can add them to the same purchase record.
Commission and Sales Tax
Commission and Sales Tax can be added to any Offer or Sale and will carry over to the invoice. When adding a commission, you can either add a percentage or an amount. Both features are fully compatible with Currency Support.
Commission and Sales Tax
Editable Artwork Description
On Offers, Sales, and Invoices ArtVault Pro automatically generates descriptions for artworks based on various fields from the artwork record. You can manually edit and adjust that description as early as on the offer record. Your modified description then carries through unaltered all the way to the invoice printout.
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Filter by Date Range
Searching for a range of dates can be a time consuming process. Typically the user needs to type something like "04/01/2013…04/30/2013" into a date field to find matching records. In ArtVault Pro you can choose a plain text entry, such as "Last Month" and the program does the work of finding and typing the dates for you.
Inventory Sheets
All Loan types have an additional report which allows you to quickly generate professional inventory sheets for your consignments, exhibitions, or general loans. The report comes complete with pictures of the artworks, descriptions, retail prices, and room for signatures by two parties.
City in List View
The city column completes the list views in the loans module. Quickly filter records by city to reduce the listing or use the sort function to get an alphabetical listing.
Expenses on Images
You can add expenses to your image records. Keep track of the cost of photography, film development, scanning to convert pictures to digital images, etc. Then head over to the Expense module and analyze spendings for your entire collection.
Non-billable Expenses
When adding expenses to an Offer or Sale you can mark whether the amount is billable to the party receiving the artwork or whether you are paying for it. Only expenses which are marked as "billable", appear on the Offer or Sale (Invoice).
Upload Receipt
Each expense record offers a space to upload a scan of the receipt.
Expense Receipt
User Interface
Hover for Record ID
The record ID can be an important tool to identify records with certainty and is prominently shown on the detail page of each record. You can also enable a function which shows the record ID when hovering over records in list view.
Undo Formatting
When copying and pasting text from other applications, the formatting can overwrite the standard font, size, and style of ArtVault Pro. This does not look professionally, especially on reports. You can use the "Undo Formatting" command in the Edit menu to remove any excess formatting from the pasted text.
Undo Formatting
Show in List View
Show in List View is a powerful feature that lets you see linked records in their own list view. If four images are linked to an artwork, simply click "Show in List View" at the bottom of the listed images, and ArtVault Pro takes you to the images list view and presents exactly those four images. From here you can view them as a slide show, print reports, etc.
Running Totals
Wherever there are amounts in list view, there's a total at the bottom of the screen. Use the powerful search or filter functions to reduce the listing of your virtual collection and the total summarizes the found set of records on screen. In many cases, this eliminates the need to print a report and waste valuable paper.
Image Zoom
Using image-zoom, a large version of your art images is available anywhere there's a thumbnail of an artwork. Enlarge the window to fill your entire screen and enjoy your collection!
Categorical Pop-up Lists
With well over 100 fields in the artwork module, drop-down menus with field choices get rather lengthy. This is why ArtVault Pro includes categories that make it easier to find what you're looking for.
Categorical Popup Menus