Improve organization, raise value.
If you're left with boxes (or rooms) full of artworks, sketches, notes, photographs, contracts, appraisals, insurance information and many other documents relating to a life's worth of artistic expression, ArtVault Pro is right for you. It originated as a custom software solution for the estate of a highly successful artist. Unhappy with the available art management products on the market, they entrusted us to develop a modern, up-to-date system from the ground up. Capable of handling several thousand artworks, this system laid the very foundation for ArtVault Pro.
✔︎ Document and label all objects in the collection
✔︎ Create catalogue and price lists
✔︎ Oversee loans to galleries and museums
✔︎ Manage conservation, shipping and storage
✔︎ Store valuation and insurance information
✔︎ Manage acquisitions, sales and donations
✔︎ Store an unlimited number of images
✔︎ Create customized reports
✔︎ Easily keep track of expenses
✔︎ Manage important contacts