Improve organization, raise value.
If you're left with boxes (or rooms) full of artworks, sketches, notes, photographs, contracts, appraisals, insurance information and many other documents relating to a life's worth of artistic expression, ArtVault Pro is right for you. It originated as a custom software solution for the estate of a highly successful artist. Unhappy with the available art management products on the market, they entrusted us to develop a modern, up-to-date system from the ground up. Capable of handling several thousand artworks, this system laid the very foundation for ArtVault Pro.
✔︎ Document and label all objects in the collection
✔︎ Create catalogue and price lists
✔︎ Oversee loans to galleries and museums
✔︎ Manage conservation, shipping and storage
✔︎ Store valuation and insurance information
✔︎ Manage acquisitions, sales and donations
✔︎ Store an unlimited number of images
✔︎ Create customized reports*
✔︎ Easily keep track of expenses
✔︎ Manage important contacts
*Requires FileMaker development knowledge
Features that might interest you

Image Archive
ArtVault Pro also features a central image archive where you can store an unlimited number of images and link them to any number of artworks. For multi panel works or installation shots there's no need to upload an image more than once. Simply link it to the corresponding works.

ArtVault will even help you coordinate maintenance and restoration to ensure the artwork’s long-term protection and preservation. It takes just one click to mark an artwork "In Conservation" and alert you that it's currently unavailable for exhibitions, consignments, or loans.

Manage Insurance
Having professional documentation, appraisals, and insurance information on hand helps claims be processed faster. With ArtVault Pro you can instantly print a report of all affected works, including original condition, artist, market value and any other information requested.