New Features of ArtVault Pro 3
We are proud to announce the availability of our all-new ArtVault 3 software. Based on feedback from customers and collaborations with art professionals, we have completely redesigned ArtVault and greatly expanded its functionality.
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New Look

We updated the user interface of ArtVault Pro with a contemporary, clean design, including new navigation, making it even more intuitive and easy to use.
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Helpful Workflows

The artwork detail page now helps manage your collection. Choose from a variety of workflows for offering, selling, consigning, exhibiting, or loaning a work of art. ArtVault guides you through each necessary step, automatically creating records and linking information for you.
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Save Searches

You can save any search you perform, whether using QuickFind, filters, or a combination of both. ArtVault remembers the criteria of the search so you can execute it again anytime and view the most up-to-date results.
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Barcodes and QR-Codes

Create customized QR codes for each artwork. We also updated the barcodes so a special font is no longer required. Save individual codes to your desktop (drag-and-drop) or print customizable label sheets.
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Tag Records

In ArtVault Pro 3 classification is even more flexible. You can create a library of "tags" (keywords, sentences) and attach them to any artwork in your database. But we didn't stop there, we made tags available everywhere: contacts, exhibitions, sales, etc.
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Unlimited Document Storage

Attach as many documents as you like to any record. Documents are now centrally stored, just like images. You can link one document to multiple records or add as many documents as you like to a single record.
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Completely Customizable Reports

ArtVault Pro 3 features a completely redesigned print engine. Printouts are now stored in a separate file where you can freely change the content and look (requires FileMaker development knowledge). You can even add entirely new printouts which then appear in a convenient drop down menu.
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"In Inventory" Categorization

Mark whether an artwork belongs to your inventory or not. Loans and consignments have also been updated to match this change. A work can be loaned in or loaned out, consigned in or consigned out.

Artwork Cover Page

Each artwork record contains over 200 fields for storing information, which can get a bit overwhelming. Now you can choose to view a simplified artwork detail page when browsing through your collection. This option can be turned off in the settings of the program.
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Linking Contacts More Efficiently

Linking contacts to artworks (or any other record) can be done by simply selecting the contact from a drop down menu. This is a huge time saver as ArtVault links the records and chooses the appropriate function for you.
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Split Payments Among Artworks

If you sold multiple works in a single sales transaction you can split the payments received and attribute them to each artwork. If you are receiving payments over a longer period of time, you can easily keep track of which artworks have been fully paid off and which have not.
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Manage Payables

If you promised a commission to third parties upon selling an artwork, you can now enter this as a payable on the artwork record. You can also track payments you have made towards payables.
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Accounting Functionality

ArtVault now has full accounting functionality on par with the competition. Generate flexible reports for accounts receivables, accounts payables, sales, expenses, as well as gross margin and sales tax reports. You can even view the aforementioned categories in a timeline chart to see how your profitability has developed.
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