Have your cake and eat it too.

ArtVault Custom is an extension to ArtVault Pro which gives you full access to FileMaker features. You can modify existing reports, add entirely new layouts to expand the scope of functionality, and tailor your collection management solution to your exact needs.

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ArtVault Custom is a set of separate, unlocked FileMaker database files that can access all of the data stored in ArtVault Pro. Within these files you can create functionality that meets your specific collection management needs. As you are not customizing ArtVault Pro itself, the core of the solution remains unchanged. This allows us to continue to providing updates and enhancements to ArtVault Pro which can be easily installed through automatic software updates.

Customize Reports
Take charge of every aspect

ArtVault Custom gives you the ability to create reports based on your specific needs. Start with an “empty canvas” and design your own printouts from scratch or start with one of more than 40 reports included and modify it to your liking.

While customization options in ArtVault Pro are limited to choosing some of the content that populates the reports, ArtVault Custom allows you to completely change every aspect of each report: switch out fields, choose a different font, integrate your corporate identity, or freely position a logo.
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Add New Screens
New functionality to suit your needs

Customization is not limited to printouts but extends to on-screen layouts. Create new views of your data that show only the information you want to see. Use FileMaker’s incredibly powerful layout tools to resize, move, arrange, and style fields and other visual elements. Create new workflows that support your specific processes.

Or maybe you envision of a simplified version of ArtVault Pro to present information to clients when on the road? There are no limits as to what can be dreamed up and accomplished with ArtVault Custom.
Publish to the Web
A window to your art

With FileMaker’s WebDirect technology you can make your ArtVault Custom solution available in a web browser on a desktop or laptop – with no web development skills required. Furthermore, web users don’t need to install additional software. Anyone with a compatible web browser and access to the Internet can connect to your solution to view, edit, sort, or search artworks.

Since ArtVault Custom is a set of separate database files, you are not at risk of exposing your entire collection. Instead, you can choose what information you would like to share and add only these elements to a dedicated web-database file. You can even protect the “web-window” to your collection with personalized log-ins and SSL encryption.

WebDirect requires FileMaker Server 13 or a web hosting company that supports the technology.
Read more about WebDirect.
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Integrate with other programs
Build bridges

FileMaker Pro supports a plug-in architecture that can extend the functionality of the application. Using this interface, countless companies have developed bridges to integrate FileMaker solutions with other software and online services. QuickBooks, MailChimp, and Google Calendar are just a few of them.
See listing of available FileMaker plugins.

For the serious developer, FileMaker Pro can be used in conjunction with SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL systems. The External SQL Data Source feature establishes a live two-way connection between FileMaker Pro and these SQL data sources.
Read more about SQL integration.

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Product Comparison
ArtVault Pro
ArtVault Custom
Ready to use Application
Automatic Updates
FileMaker Knowledge Required
Access All FileMaker Features
Enter “Layout-Mode”
Customizable fields
Modify existing Reports
full control
Create your own Reports
Apply Corporate Identity
Create Functionality Extensions
Integrate with other Programs
Integrate with Websites
Per Instance Support
Private Training
* A listing of certified, local FileMaker developers can be found here: http://developer.filemaker.com/search/
** On most reports you can choose what fields populate it, but not change the structure or look of it
*** May require third party plug-ins (for example QuickBooks integration requires
FMBooks Connector or 123sync)
**** Requires FileMaker Pro 13 with WebDirect for content creation and FileMaker Server 13 for pushing content to your web server.

What is included?

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4 unlocked database files

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A complete mirror of ArtVault Pro’s data structure

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list views for each data category

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40+ reports (letter & A4)